Barking Chicken

Lorraine Perth

In the Brooder
6 Years
Jan 21, 2014
Perth Western Australia
Do chickens bark? I have a young hen about 6 months old and she began barking just before she started laying. She is the youngest in my flock of 4 and appears the most dominant although the other chickens anen't worried by it and ignore her. She is other wise well eats a varied diet and lays beautiful eggs. We have a dog but the dog rarely barks! The hen can hear neighbours dogs barking occasionally.Is this normal behaviour?


6 Years
Aug 4, 2013
They sound like what they hear often. My first set was raised near ducks so the quack and honk often. I have a rescue that heard growling all the time so she growls when she talks to me. I have a set that were raised near a quail pen and one of the girls egg songs sounds like a quail roosters crow. All of these sets range with chickens that sound like normal chickens but they haven't changed their noises. It's nothing to worry about.
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