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    Apr 9, 2008
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    The property i just purchased has an old barn on it that I plan on using to house chickens. Although the main structure is built on cinder blocks whoever did it did not "cap" the blocks so termites have simply come right up through the center and started to eat away at the wood in some places. I simply do not have the time or money right now to rebuild so I need a temporary solution. Anything I can use that will be safe for chickens or perhaps a poison that doesn't stick around too long (chicks won't be ready for barn for a couple months).

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    Maybe try some food grade DE ? [​IMG]
    I know my chickens love termites,lol. Maybe when yours get bigger they can help ya out.
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    Places like Home Depot have a home version of Sentricon. You bury a container with the poison bait inside. The chickens would be unable to access it.
  4. ...just be sure that the barn is structurally secure for your safety and theirs. Imagine going to all that trouble and not capping the blocks (duh! to them) Also, beams damaged by termites can be breached by predators like rats and need to double check! Might be an excuse to build a coop within a coop- something like an indoor chicken tractor. [​IMG]
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    Try boric acid. I think I have carpenter ants in my barn and I'm going to try either a powder of it or mix it with water and spray.
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    How big is the barn? If you loosen the foundation bolts a little, maybe you can jack up the barn just enough to slip small sheets of sheet metal between the cinder blocks and the barn. The sheet metal should extend three of four inches beyond the inside of the cinder block wall.

    Do this all around the perimiter of the barn. Termites cannot eat through sheet metal, and they can't climb around the underside of it.

    Hopefully, there are not other support posts under the barn touching the soil or sitting on cinder blocks.

    Sill beams should always be of pressure treated lumber.

    Unfortunately, some termites do not need earth to structure contact. Hopefully you don't have that type.

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