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Sep 4, 2009
my grandparents neighbors indoor cat had kittens. sunday is the day when they can be seperated from mother. i cant have a cat in the house since my dads allergic but i can have a barn cat. will they attack chickens? will chickens attack the kitten? should i get one or two. male or female? should i get a long hair or a short hair cat since i live in connecticut and it can get pretty chilly in the barn. will fishercats kill them or racoons? when should i allow the kitten to leave the barn it may be too young?should i put a coller on it so that no one takes it? can a barn cat be sociable or friendly or will it be feral? any other info will help majorly.(i have been around cats but i have never owned one)
We have a few barn cats as well as indoor cats. I will try to help you the best I can.

My cats do not bother my chickens. They do hop in the run and try to "share" the chicken snacks. The chickens win every time!

I would get 2. I think its important they aren't alone! Call me weird! What ever sex you do decide on I would get them fixed. My experience with male cats is when they mature they will take off looking for a "girl friend". They come back on occasion or not at all. If you neuter him he will stick around. If you get brother and sister that would be nice but you don't want them reproducing year after year. So please spay or neuter! Male cats will travel for miles to find a "girlfriend".

We have short hair cats outside here in Montana. We have a large doghouse for them with a heated pad and a electric water dish to keep their water thawed out in the winter. This is all inside the barn.

The cats will be friendly if you make a point of visiting them in the barn and if you don't mind them being by the house, carry them to the house and sit with them. This way they know were you live too. Mine are at the door every morning to greet me when I take scraps to the chickens.

I think cats help make a farm a home! Good luck!!
I agree, you need 2 to keep each other company and warm when it's cold. You definitely want to get them fixed, too. I've never had any problems with mine going after the chickens. The chickens will chase the cats if they get too close or bossy. However, I did see one of mine trying to play tag with the guineas, but they didn't like that and chased her off.

I don't think it matters if you get long or short haired cats. Short haired cats won't get the mats that long haired will, so that is a plus.

Good luck with your choice! I love kitties!

I agree with everything that's already been said. I have 7 barn cats all are fixed except the two youngest they are about 10 weeks old...they will be though. I've never brought home a single cat...pls. get at least two and keep them fed and de-wormed and get them their shots. I've only had cats bother my chickens that came here from a place that NEVER EVER fed their cats...they thought the chickens were an interesting food source - I had to re home two of the three I rescued from that particular family. The other cat that I got from them has not been a problem. Barncats are wonderful and I hope you enjoy yours...good luck with your new kittens. Oh, one more thing...make sure they have a warm, dry place to sleep during the winter. Mine like to snuggle into a woolen blanket that is on a raised dog bed. A pallet would work too just get them off the ground straw bales would be good too.
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I have 7 barn cats (just don't tell them they are 'barn cats') all spayed & neutered. They leave the chickens alone, BB will actually sleep in the nesting box if she can get away with it. I don't trust them around the babies though.

I also think its wise to get two and have them spayed/neutered. Male cats will travel miles looking to mate or fight. When and if the comes back, you will be doctoring wounds from fights...all of the time. Also an unaltered female will attracts lots of other male cats, causing more problems for the resident male. FIV/Fel Luek is spread thru fighting and sexual contact..another good reason to spay and neuter.

I made cat boxes in the barn for my cats. The cost is almost nothing. I took an average sized cardboard box, put an old bath rug on the bottom and filled with straw. Then taped the box shut. On the farthest side corner I cut an access hole big enough for the cat. When it was the coldest last winter, it was amazing how many cats would pile together in those boxes and they all came out warm & toasty.
I agree with everythings that's been said. So I would only add - no collars!

Unless they are the break-away type (which you will be constantly replacing) your cat could become hung up on something.

Scene *Cat wearing collar running from coyote. Cat diving through brush to escape coyote. Branch going between collar and cats neck - holding cat up long enough for coyote to catch.*
I agree with all of the above
No collar
Short Hair - Long hair will mat and become a hazard
Keep away from chicks, but hens are fine
Definitely get two - even better from the same litter!!!!

I have two, competely neutered, shots every year, and I have never seen a mouse, rabbit or squirrel in my yard in ages

Somehow cat seem to sense when there is trouble, as in coyote, raccoon, or rabid animal - they stay away

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