Barnevelder Chick with bone sticking out of neck?!

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6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
Hi everyone-

I ordered some chicks from a hatchery. They came by mail. From the start, one chick didn't seem right.

After a week, the Barnevelder Chick's neck was going all crooked. I read about 'Wry Neck" and purchased some Poly-Vi-Sol. I gave a little to all 3 Barnevelders & isolated them in case they were ill. After giving them the vitamins I went in the house for about 8 minutes. I heard a loud shriek and went back to the chicks. The malformed chick was bleeding all over and acting crazy. I immediately isolated that one. I thought maybe the other chicks liked the taste of the Poly-Vi-Sol and tried to peck it off of the hurt chick but missed and got it's neck. They didn't have that much on the feathers, but maybe they smelled it? I have no idea what happened. I took a wet cloth and cleaned up the 2 healthy ones and stuck them back in with the other chicks. I cleaned the bleeding one & kept it in isolation - I thought it would surely die. Next morning, if was not bleeding and it looked fairly normal - except for the crooked neck.

I kept giving the Barnevelder Chick the Poly-Vi-Sol... I'd gently help straighten the neck so the fluid could go down easier. Well, as I was doing this, I felt a very pokey thing protruding from under the 'ear'... sort of like the chicken's 'jaw' area. When it swallows, the bones all grit together in the neck and this protrusion moves back and fourth. It's like a BONE is sticking out of the chickens neck!

What the heck is this???

I've contacted a no-kill farm animal rescue about taking the chick... Can this thing be fixed?

The B.Chick continues to grow bigger, gain feathers, it eats & drinks on it's own (awkwardly)... I don't want it to be in pain. I also don't want to kill it if it can be fixed.

Does anyone have experience with this kind of thing?


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