Barred Chicks


8 Years
Aug 14, 2011
Central California (Denair/Turlock)
Is it true u can sex a barred chick by the spot on there heads?? I heard u could... if it is do u guys think these are boys or girls? if u cant do that i guess we wont know for a few more weeks.

Check out their legs too. For barred rocks and dominiques, if the legs are a solid yellow with little to no dark shading, it's a boy. If the yellow leg has black shading down the front, it's a girl.
What are they mixed with? If the roo was non barred and the mom was barred, then the babies will be sexlinked, which means those 2 would be cockerels.
Sexlinks are hilghly likely. SLW are on the list for BSL sires, and the OE/Marans mix hens could have barring genes. Do you know what kind of Marans? Possible Cuckoo?

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