Barred Rock and Black Australorps


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So I am getting chicks this weekend for the first time and have narrowed it down to two breeds, Barred Rock and Black Australorp. I am getting 3 chicks, so now the question is which breed do I double up on? My original thought was to get two BR and one BA,but I am worried that the BR will bully and be bossy to the BA- thoughts? They will all be hens (fingers crossed!) I live on Long Island, so cold snowy winters and hot humid summers, they will be in a large coop big enough for me to stand in, but will only be able to free range on weekends when I am home with them.

Thanks for any help!
I will always favor Barred rocks, they are just a great dual purpose bird. They lay the best of any breed I have owned. If they all grow up together you shouldn't have to many issues with bullying.
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Thanks so much- yes they will all be the same age and grow up as chicks together- so that is good to know! Thanks for your help!
I also agree with getting 2 barred rocks. They are so friendly and cute! I have one named Nugget and she is my favorite! Barred Rocks are very good foragers and are good hawk watchers ( like she will make a strange sound and all the chickens will go under a bush). I have never had any Austrolorps, but I do know that the barred rocks are the nicest of all my chickens (see signature).
I am also entertaining the idea of getting three Barred Rocks.. but thought it would be nice to have a little breed diversity starting off...
While I do not have either of these breeds,I would also probably go with two barred rocks. Easier to tell them apart probably,
unless you got three different breeds. Lots of really nice colorful birds out there.
Thanks LeviS,

I think these are two breeds to start out with a nice backyard flock for a beginner! Looking forward to picking up the chicks this weekend!

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