Barred Rock at 4 weeks

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by lutz123, May 11, 2011.

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    Would a 4-5 week old barred rock typically show comb pinking at this age? I think all 4 of mine are pullets, but I don't have anything to compare to. There is only the slightest tinge of pink on either side of the comb. Last week I just knew one was a pullet - she just looked more "hen-like" - she's a few days older. Yes, they all have black wash down the legs. I have buff orpingtons that I got at the same time/same place and they are showing very pink combs & developing wattles. Are barred rocks typically later to develop than buff orpingtons?
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    If they all look pretty much dark with a little bit of white (feather-wise) AND the dark legs, then they should all be pullets. Post a picture for more opinions. [​IMG]
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    Not sure about your BRs. I have two Buff Orp chicks that are going on 6 weeks old and they have very tiny light colored combs and no wattles.
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    Barred Rocks can be sexed by color. The males are more white and the hens are more black. Every now and then one will defy the rules of its breed, but for the most part, it is easy. I have 2 roosters and 1 hen and they are wonderful. By 5 weeks they were definitely different in color.
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    Quote:Thanks! Pullets they are! I actually had just finished downloading pictures from my camera.
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    I bought three BR pullets from a local hatchery that only sells pullets. Granted mistakes still happen as they're only 95% accurate. However, I believe I have three pullets. Due to the dark wash on the legs, and the darker feathering. However, two (especially the one) has really pink combs. I think it may just be the breed. My Golden Comets and Black Sex-Links don't show any pink/red on theirs at all. My pullets are 4 weeks old today.

    I would bet it is a she.
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    This is a great post to find via the search feature. We were sent the wrong peeps three weeks ago from the hatchery. [​IMG] The original order was for Buff Orp pullets. To complicate matters, our research was only on Buff Orps. The hatchery confirmed we were sent Barred Rocks. [​IMG] So then the question became if we weren't sent the correct bred wonder if we were sent all pullets. The chicks are three weeks old and today I noticed "ridges" along the upper portion of the beak where it meets the head or face and the dark splash of color on the legs and they are all dark in color. Whew, I think we are safe.[​IMG] These little ones have definitely won our hearts and believe we are going to be satisfied with these 'gals'. Ultimately time will tell. Thanks lutz123 for pointing to the progression photos of the link. Saved me a bunch of time. This forum is a handy resource!

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