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I will be shipping at minimum 12 eggs (Usually its about 20 eggs) on each tuesday to the winning bidder. I do not know how to post photos but do have two photos that i will post when i ifgure it out.

Due to shipping unknowns I cannot guarantee them, but i can package them very well.

Orders will ship in the order they are received.
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OK -what's your secret that you are only chaging 5$ for shipping up to 20 eggs?
My hens are producing like crazy and i would rather see them used instead of wasted, priority flat rate medium boxes ar 9.95. I am happy with 15 for 20 ish eggs
I totally hear you..I noticed you were new here
and didn't want you to lose out undercharging for shipping is all:) good luck~
I got my chickens from my grandmothers flock, She has had them for years, I dont know about their history. I just know they are the best chickens ever. If I recall she called them heritage, but I have no way to prove that.
Sorry I did type that wrong, it is a large flat rate box, which costs $15, my If you read my first reply my math was wrong on that.

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