Barred Rock female? from meyers hatchery


Aug 24, 2020
Hi guys, was reading that barred rocks are pretty easy to distinguish with their color. I ordered a pullet from Meyers but it’s showing all color signs of a male. Does anyone know how accurate it is to got by coloring?


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I got a BR as part of the meal maker deal from Meyers and it had a big spot on its head, which is suggestive (not definitive) of a male chick. It is about 10 weeks old and at the moment looks really like a pullet. Small pale comb. I won’t know for sure until at least three months (roo saddle feathers). Point being, kind of looks like a boy with that spot, but might truly be a girl!
With how bred out hatchery BRs are, head spots are not very reliable anymore.

Post photos showing comb and wattles at 6 weeks.
I was kinda thinking that too. I honestly don’t know how they sex their chicks so I sent an email asking. I’ll update on this to come as it gets older
Size of the spot is not the best for determine the gender of a barred rock, but if the color is more spread or there are side streaks it is likely male. By that I would guess male.
This chick has more a lot more white than an average barred rock. Because of this I would not be to quick to apply barred rock gender color expectations to it. Meaning wait and see what it turns out to be.

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