Barred Rock lethargic


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May 16, 2009
One of my Barred rocks is kinda moping around. She has lost color in her comb but her waddles is still real red. 3days ago another chicken was pecked down to the skull in the back of the head. Is it possible the barred rock was the culprit? Is she getting sick because she ate the feathers, skin, fatty part, and blood? Or is it that she is getting "broody'? She is also losing some feathers. At least they are all over the run, but she still looks fully feathers...could she be molting?
It would not be because she pecked the other bird. I wonder if she is getting picked on if the other hen was removed from the flock to heal, is she being chased off from the waterer? Check her over carefully for mites or lice, but she could be suffering from a virus or worms, too. The heat has made many birds mope around, as well. My boody hens and moulting hens do not seem to mope. I hope she improves.
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I didnt notice her being chased off at the waterer but she is eating some lentils and beans I made for her. The other hens were eating it too. She was still standing there eating it. The other hens went to another part of the yard. I dont think she has mites or lice. I dust coop with DE. What if it is worms or a virus? Her poo is like a greenish yellow. Like more on the brighter side. Does this mean anything?
I guess that is possible? I will have to read up on it and then check her in the morning.

I had her drink some water and she started to pant afterwards. Is this still from impacted or sour crop?

Thanks for the info.

*********Okay couldnt wait till morning. The crop is soft and pliable. It doesnt feel out of the norm.
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