Barred Rock or Cuckoo Maran?


7 Years
May 4, 2017
Southeast Georgia
My friend bought 3 of these as French Copper Marans. But I'm wondering if they are Cuckoo or even barred rock. Does anyone have an idea? I have read that marans don't always have feathered legs.


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Where did they come from? They appear to be mixed breeds.

CMs, FBCMs, and BRs all have single combs. These chicks have rose combs.

BRs have yellow skin. CMs and FBCMs have white skin like these chicks, but not rose combs.

Some may say Dominiques. That would be incorrect too, as Doms have a rose comb but have yellow skin.

It seems that "olive egger" has become the standard answer for any oddball combination of traits that comes from a hatchery.
I thought that was EE 🤭

My thought was olive egger due to the traits that match CM. CMs are often used to make Olive Eggers.

However, I cannot think of a breed that lays blue and has a rose comb. So it's likely not an OE. I am truly stumped on these guys.
@Rhodebar Lover have any ideas? The white skin + rose comb is throwing me.
Yeah they're funky. I don't know about the rose comb but if from a hatchery some type of Egger is the best bet. I think maybe I see a beard. I'm pretty sure some hatchery mixes like Green Queens occasionally have rose combs. Not sure exactly what they threw into the mix to get it though :idunno

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