Barred Rock Question


7 Years
Nov 11, 2012

2 look exactly like this and are suppose to be hens

This one is supposed to be my rooster.

I got 3 Barred Rocks and was told I had 2 hens and a rooster, I'm new to raising chickens, I have a couple of Ida Reds and little Bantum Rooster. My wife liked the Bared Rocks so we got a couple and want to hatch a couple of eggs in the spring for the kids to experience. Just wondering if I was told the wrong thing. They should be laying age and I haven't started getting any more eggs than I was getting before, and from the combs and waddles I can't see a difference. Can anyone please tell me I didn't get taken and have all roosters here.
Yes, both those birds are roosters. So is that top bird one of yours? You said your two look like that. Can you post a pic of your actual birds?

You can also look at your birds and see if you note the stringy hackle/neck feathers and saddle feather's in front of the tail. BR roosters also have more white in the barring then the hens do.
That happened to me too! my first two barred rocks turned out to be roosters
I hate when that happens!!!!
These are pics of 2 of mine, the top pic is of one, but I have 2 that look exactly the same, the bottom one is the only one I have that looks different. I was worried that I had 3 roosters here and it sounds like I do.
Thanks everyone, that's what I was worried about. I wasn't sure because they looked so different and I have no experience with them, but the longer I've had them the more I suspected they were all roosters. Well hopefully this spring I can get a couple more hens to add to what I've got. Thanks again everyone.

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