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    Mar 19, 2007
    I need help in deciding which roo to keep. I have a purebred Austrolorp and Barred Rock roo that have been getting along fine till a couple weeks ago when they started beefing it out for alpha spot. It got bad enough that I had to seperate them and put one in a bachelor pad apart from the flock. I only have 10 hens so I only need one roo.
    They are both well behaved gentleman, keep their distance and respect me and my family. The austrolorp roo is more freindly and can be picked up and held, the BR just keeps his distance. The Austrolorp is good with all the hens. The BR is younger and favors 2 of the lowly hens, riding them bare, but this is probally because the Austrolorp keeps the other closer by and lets the BR have these two. He will probally mellow out and be fair to all the girls if he is by himself.
    My main goal in prolific large/x-large brown egg layer hybrid. Who would make the best cross with my below mix of RIR, austrolorp, BR and mutt mix?
    What is your vote? who becomes king of the coop and who becomes rooster noodle soup?

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    Ooh. Tough decision! I guess I'm lucky that my boys co-exist very peacefully. I can't speak much about the BR - the boy that I had was a royal pain in the patoot, so he found a new home. I do know that Australorps usually lay huge eggs, so I'm sure that cross would be beneficial to your goal. I'm sure someone else will come along shortly with their opinion on the BR option.

    Good luck!
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    Jan 24, 2009
    Collie W.Australia
    I had Austrolorp x hens & they laid egg up to 100grams!Also the Austrolorp roosters,I had 3 in the pen with 18 hens,did not fight very often and were good with the hens.And Austrolorps look so handsome. [​IMG]

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