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Apr 27, 2011
Well, the coop/run construction continues!! I have the run all framed out and most of the wire on. I am putting treated 2x4's in between my 4x4 posts so everything will be flush. My question is how to attach the 2x4 to the posts?? Do I "toenail" it???

I am a novice carpenter, but having fun learning!!
I would just run the 2x4 flush on the inside or outside of the 4x4 and use 3" wood screws thru the 2x4. They do make flush mount brackets for 2x4 that will mount on 4x4 also and they make corner brackets for 4x4. You just have to have something to staple to. I use toenail as a last option but would be better for going in between the 4x4. Wood screws seem to be the best, just use soap or pilot hole so it doesn't split,,,I hate to toenail with a nail because I can't hit a nail on the head lol.
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Yes toe nail it one in the top and one on the inside near the bottom, that should be fine use large 3" nails for better hold and penetration depth, make sure your angle is good and steep on the top one and back a good 3/4" to prevent it from chipping out to hold better.
If you have a battery drill the way I would toe nail them is drill and use 3 inch deck screws. It makes a solid joint and the 2x4 is not moving every where while hammering on it.

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