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    My newest pullet, Lucky Chicken, was pecked by the other hens to the point of small injuries where her wings attach to her body. The injuries were very clean looking and very new when we put Lucky Chicken in a pen/cage of her own on our patio. She has been doing very well for the past week, but we noticed tonight when we cleaned out her pen/cage that she is sort of wet/sticky under one wing and it has drained down her side. It doesn't smell bad, but it is yucky looking--kind of pale yellow against her white feathers.
    I read several posts about treating injuries, so while I'm here soliciting advice my hubby is at the store buying peroxide, iodine and triple antibiotic ointment.

    Hubby has decided to bathe her in our utility sink and put iodine on the semi-healed injuries. Is this the right approach? Help....soon....would be great (especially before Hubby gets back from the store)

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    I am far from an expert on chicken injuries but if it were me I would clean the local area and use teh iodine. I am not sure I would get that entire chicken wet to the bone. I think that moisture breeds bacteria and that getting the feathers wet would both stress the bird and possibly invite infection. I hope there are others with more experience. If this were a dog or a horse (i have treated many injuries in those animals I would not get the entire animal wet at this time.

    Hope I have helped.
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    The drainage we found on Lucky Chicken was mostly not what we thought. She must have become wet by flapping her wings too near to her waterer. I'm thinking that what drainage there had been was dried up, but got gross when she got wet.
    Hubby took a pan of warm water with a drop of Dawn in it to wash her and one with clear water to rinse. He didin't dunk her, only stood her on a towel and squeezed a rag over the dirty area and wiped under her wing. BOY, What a difference. And the wounds were mostly healed. One little place, about the size of the end of a pencil was a bit tender looking, but didn't look raw. It kind of reminded me of a skinned elbow that the last of a scab had just fallen off. Anyway, We put triple antibiotic on it to be on the safe side. Hubby then ShamWow'd her to get most of the water off of her before putting her back in her pen. We gave her a few meal worms for being a good girl. She preened a few feathers here and there and got in her box to go to sleep. ALL BETTER!! Thankfully

    And for a rescue chicken that never had any interaction with people she sure seems to like to be petted.

    I'm glad there wasn't any real trauma, I've had enough for this week to last me...the rest of my life.

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