Bathing Ducklings

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7 Years
May 9, 2012
I know that they can swim from day 1, but should I give it a couple of days since they won't have their mom's oil? And give me the 'how', please!
Out of 6 eggs, 4 have hatched, 1 is working on it, and 1 died in the egg. Fish is doing great. Once she can fold her wing we'll let her go. With supervision, in case the others aren't nice
No, she rejected them. We tried to get her to, and lost four eggs because of it.
Ah, now I understand. Thank you for clearing that up.

If I recall correctly, we started ours off swimming in the bathtub at about 2 weeks, every other day at first. They loved it, but you can't leave them alone. They'll get waterlogged quickly. I think we started at about 15 minutes the first time.

Their are some that claim that getting them started early aids in the development of the oil gland.
They're sure fun to watch.

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