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10 Years
Feb 21, 2009
Columbia river gorge
How many of you out there use a brinesea eco of any kind but perticularly the 20 eco.
Does it work well?
Does it have any quirks?
Did you use anything befor or after it (LG, Hoverbator, chic chic bator, homemade ect) ?
Was the other bator better or worse or comparable ?
Thank you very very much everyone

I have six eggs in one right now. It has worked fine for most of the time. Once it did quit working but the brinsea company fixed it without charge. All of my hatches have been pretty good. I can't give you a real number because I just started. First two were shipped egg and the two most recent have had fertility issues. I would definetly recomend this incubator. The humidity can be a bit tricky to get right so you will need a hydrometer. Right now I have both trays filled when it said one for humidity.
Thank you. I have been reading the tricks for lg's thread but still seems in the long run it would be better to get a diffrent bator so Im on the look out for what the most people think is gonna be a good one. So far the brinesea seems pretty good for a little table top bator for under 200
I have a 20 eco and it works WONDERFULLY, it. Its amazing. I have a little giant foam incubator, and I hate it. The only times I use it is for hatching.

I hactched 24 chicken eggs in it and all eggs hacthed but one. Currently I have 10 duck eggs and 5 turkey eggs in it, due at the same time and so far they are all alive.
Ok I would like opinions please.
It looks like I can get
Octagon 20 ECO Manual Incubator for 143.00 that includes shipping Or I can get
GQF Model 2362N Hovabator Egg Incubator for about 110 that includes shipping
Do you think that the first one would be worth the extra 30 something dollers I already have a LG wit a fan and dont see a whole lot of diffrence between the LG and the Hovabator

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