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Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by EweSheep, Apr 15, 2009.

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    I never made a quilt in pieces but in large pieces. And I love some of the quilt 'covers' that has no batting or bottom pieces, just the top part which you will have to sew it on to a batting and bottom material.

    I have many wool blankets (we do CW reeancting) and wanted to know if I can use the wool blankets for a nice quilt coverlet. The wool blankets are in single person size, twin size and I will have to sew them together to make a nice queen size.

    Any suggestions on how to put the top cover quilt onto the wool blanket or do I need to add the bottom fabric and sew it on?

    I dont sew well and I do have a sewing machine. Wish me luck!
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    I assume that you are talking about the printed quilt tops that are available. You would have to be careful using wool because wool shrinks so badly. Also wool would make a very heavy quilt.
    100% wool would be very hard to quilt due to the density.
    Having said all that if it were me I would find another use for the wool. Hope this helps.
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    Never gave it a thought! Thanks!

    I dont think I want it to be too heavy. It was one of those Army surplus blankets and they dont weight that much but when wet, they are! However I didnt know about strinkage so its a no go unless I put some kind of zipper on one side of the blanket so I can take out the blanket out to be washed or whatever. To keep it from moving so much I woul dhave to make ties thru the whole thing. I dont think I want to take all that effort into it.

    Will have to go for cotton batting.
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    I've used blankets as batting before. Just make sure the blanket is preshrunk. It will be amuch more comfortable (less itchy) quilt if you put a backing on it too. I have some of theose old military blankets. They do very well in the washer and dryer. I think they will be OK.

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