Bawkings (Greetings) from Nevada

HorseFeatherz NV

Eggink Chickens
10 Years
May 12, 2009
Sierra Foothills of Reno, NV
Have decided to stop lurking and introduce myself - HorseFeatherz from the outer Reno area of Nevada. This is the…..hmmm…let me get my calculator out and see…..the third online forum I have joined and mostly I am a lurker on the other two…….so here’s to hoping I break out of my shell here (so to speak……err write).

Married since April 2000, to My Knight on Shining Harley
, wrangling…..3 horses (2 Arabs, 1 BLM Mustang), 4 white Chinese Geese, fluctuating duck flock (PQ call and call mutts), 6 parrots (2 CAGs, 1 Goffins, 1 Hanhs, 1 Orange Wing, 1 Cockatiel), 1 dove, 4 dogs (2 Mastiffs, 1 BC, 1 ACD), a small garden and an expanding chicken flock………….oh my! All on 11 DRY acres nestled close to 4,900 feet in a mountain bowl.

Chickens are a new addition for me this year. Had chickens as a kid but none since I “left the nest”…..mmmm years ago
. My *eldest* are standard pullets – 2 Delaware, 1 Buff Orp., 1 EE, and 1 white Cochin hatched approx. March 9th – 11th, 09. My *bitties* are Bantams – 3 Rosecombs and 2 ? (not sure – choice could be Cornish or RIR) hatched April 28th, 09. (feed store purchases - all Privett Hatchery chicks) Of course, I am already thinking of what I would like to add……………..why oh why are there so many tempting choices!

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