Baytril 10% dose rate

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    I found it once and can't now. What is the dosing for chickens
    Thank you
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    Sep 14, 2007
    The following information is about Baytril 10% oral solution . There is also a 2.5% solution.

    Used to treat: Chronic Respiratory Disease and Mycoplasma in chickens and turkeys.
    Dosage: 10mg per Kg body weight
    Active ingredient: Enrofloxacin 10%
    Egg withdrawal for chickens: As advised by vet. Usually 28 days or lifetime of the hen.
    Slaughtering / meat for human consumption: As advised by your vet. Usually 8 days.
    Length of treatment: Usually 3 to 5 days.
    Warnings: Mixed solution should not be older than 24 hours. Wash hands and any splashes immediately with soap and water if you come into contact with the solution. Wear impervious gloves when handling Baytril.
    Category: POM-V
    Storage: In tightly closed original container below 25ÂșC and out of reach of children.

    Further information can be found on NOAH Compendium of Animal Medicines

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