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  1. Katy

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    I'm offering 12 eggs from my hens that are 50% English 50% American Orpington. I have a black roo over blue, black and splash hens. My roo did not cooperate for new pictures very well today.

    Due to the nature of shipping and incubating variables beyond my control I can't guarentee your hatch rate and I don't offer free replacement eggs. When I am selling hatching eggs I am hatching from those same pens here so I can keep tabs on my fertility and know that I'm sending out fertile eggs.

    This is a paypal only auction and payment is due at the end of the auction since I will be ready to ship these eggs Monday, May 2. The eggs will be from today and tomorrow so they will be very fresh.

    Auction will end at 10am CST May 2.

    Sorry no bids from members with no posts.


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    These are stunning!! Absolutely lovely.
  3. Katy

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    Thanks [​IMG] They're sweet birds.

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