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    Apr 18, 2009
    I have 5 eggs now. They are from the past three days. They are from both non and feather footed hens and roos. The eggs are marked which pen they came from. I will included any from today as well.

    I will also include 5 eggs from my blue roo and hens. I am not sure what breed they are. They are from the past three days as well. I was told Marans but the rooster is not and the hens may be part. Eggs are not dark dark eggs. Some are a tad darker that my JG and white rock eggs. I am waiting to see mine hatch in the next few days to see if they are hatching true to their color.

    I will also included any EE eggs I get today as well.

    My bator is full so I can not hathc them right now.

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