BCM roo........he's an olive egger,LOL


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Jul 11, 2008
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I was wondering if you all could give me some input on his quailty and a fair price for him. My friends can't keep him and i wanna make sure they represent him properly to the sellers.


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You need better pictures. I think it is relative to the area and how many people want him. I have seen roosters given out for free - my next door neighbor just gave 3 BCM away for free yesterday and I have seen one sold at the Swap meet for $10.

Sorry not much help
he emailed me some but those were the best. I told him 15 -20 depending on market. he lives in orlando and i said the auction might me good for them to use. they need to get rid of him asap.
lol, i said to him, he might be one of the eex bcm crosses. which i think he looks like the more you look at him. just want to make sure he is listed right. Would be ticked if i went for a bcm and it was an ee x bcm mix...LOl
LOL yep, there ya go. I looked at that photo and said hmm...I have both BCM and EE boys and the head on that guy is all EE. He has the BCM coloring but that hairdo and that beard....well ya know. He'd probably be a great start for an olive egg project.
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