Be Prepared To Introduce your Flocks!

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5 Years
Sep 27, 2014
Well being a chicken Lover/Farmer I've had several introductions.I know you may not be getting chickens because of intergrating reasons/problems,but with the info i'm gonna/about to feel you in with
may comfort you and as well your companions and up coming companions.

.Best way and safest is threw fencing.Mainly because they can't grab to each other.Only hit each other with beaks.
.Some ways are to immeditly throw them in.People seem to find letting them fight/battle out is easier,well in some cases it is depending if you have no other cages.I'd say you'd need a reason.
.Best way is to give them treats while intergrating them.This shoes away fighting,harrasement,basically terror.
.Free ranging them is a very very good way.This allows them to run away.Works best with pullets/cockerals/chicks.
.Putting them in at night
makes it seem as if they were already there.
.Putting them in different places together,but in the same yard/area.

Rooster Introduction:By far hardest)
Your best is to cut the spurs and have them completely seperated,but threw cage and each have hens.
After so long seeing each other and both having hens will allow them to all flock.

Also,be sure to never introduce them 1 by 1,best is ina group.
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7 Years
Jul 24, 2013
Glad you joined us!

Mrs. K

Free Ranging
11 Years
Nov 12, 2009
western South Dakota
I think that some of the those ideas will work, but I think there are a couple of more, that are equally important.

Space - each run/coup will have a limited number of chickens that can get along in it. Add more than that, and there is trouble
Hideouts and multiple levels in the coup and in the run, allow chickens variety and ability to get away from each other.
Equally sized birds
At least a pair or more birds added at one time. A single bird introduction is pretty difficult

Mrs K

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