Bea is Jealous!


Oct 20, 2017
Vail, Arizona
Bea is jealous. She loves attention, but only if she is the one getting attention. When I hold one of the other girls to check them over, or talk to one of the other girls, Bea will trot over in a huff, and actually yank a beak full of feathers from the other hen. I've learned to close her in the coop so that she doesn't see. Hopefully she doesn't pick up on the conversations with her brood.
Very clever girl. Lol.
I have experienced that problem with my chickens before, chickens aren't super intelligent creatures so when you take a chicken and hold it over the dominant one it will give the dominant one the ability to want attack because they see the chicken your holding trying to be dominant.
Chicken don't get 'jealous', that's human attribute.
Have seen this behavior also, by both genders.
It's either a dominance thing or a threat protection thing.

Either way, Bee needs some schooling from the flock master(Human Keeper).

Have had this happen several times, mostly with hand fed chicks often as they come of age and get spunky. It's pretty easily curbed with calm and deliberate determination.

I peck them back, on the head or anywhere I can reach, with the tips of thumb and first 2 fingers, as hard and fast as many times as I can before they get away. Well, not hard enough to hurt them, just startle them and let them you mean business. That's what another chicken would do, so they understand that kind of communication.

If that doesn't work after a couple applications, I hold them down to the ground with my hand on their back until they submit....again firmly enough to get the job done but not hurt them....add a few finger pecks and/or tug on the feathers on the back of their neck.

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