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Beading Loom, Czech Beads, Tools, Storage Container, Books and more!

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by cjexotic, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. cjexotic

    cjexotic Cj's Mandarin Ducks

    Mar 11, 2008
    Central PA
    You are bidding on A complete kit for Beading with a Loom. Custom Made Loom.

    Here is what this auction consists of.

    1- Custom Loom

    2) Mega beads.. you will see the red storage container.

    It is a double container. You flip it over and its another

    complete storage. Both sides are filled with beads.

    You see the hanks in the front in zip bags. I have no idea

    how many beads are there. 98% of them are Czech Beads and 11/0.

    There is a smaller storage you will see that

    has other brands of seed beads.

    3) Tools, Needles, Tray for holding Beads at the loom.

    4) 3- Books, one how to, 2- Indian patterns (they are new)

    5) Double storage unit (Red)

    6) another storage case

    7) many new zip baggies assorted sizes

    8) little storage bottles.

    Weft thread that cost $5.50 ea. and there is two spools plus

    other thread on spools for lacing up the loom.

    Even have a piece on the loom of Indian pattern I never finished.

    You will see on the loom it was custom made for me in 2002 and

    I only ever used it long enough to put this piece on.

    I really wanted to do this but family members don't

    leave me alone long enough to count what I need to count So its been stored

    and its too nice to be stored. So maybe someone can put it to good use. l am leaving the piece

    on as I don't know how to remove it right or it will be ruined. So sending with it on.

    There is way too much stuff to list than what's above.

    So its a great buy. You will not need anything else to take

    up this hobby or to increase what you already have.

    This whole kit weighs roughly 40lbs. I may have to ship loom separate to keep it safe

    since all the other stuff is so heavy. But it is included in the weight of all this.

    The working area on the loom is 9x15 it is the largest before the professional floor models. When this was made for me they told me to get this one that way I could make small indian design pieces to the larger wall mounts. I like animals and had all intentions of doing exotic bird wall murals since I have exotic birds. You can do any size piece on it as it rolls as you do. The piece I have on it now is rolled 2 to 3 times. It also free stands. I have the bolts out of it for the picture ready for shipping. It was made by Out of the Flames beading. And she is a professional in indian bead work. Hope that helps. Adjustable like the cheaper models no. nothing slides. Its just how far you bead then take if off the loom when you have reached your desired length and width up to the 9" wide and how ever long you need it. It is 15" from medal rail that the weft goes on to the bottom rail.. but as you work you roll the back roller to continue down your work. As for Out of the flames she uses this to do lengths of beading for the Indian regalia for pants, sleeves and for the beading they do for the horses. So it will do just about anything that is 9" wide or less. If you want wider then as she does she makes two and attaches them together if its smaller than what she wants to do in the floor model she has. It is very well made. I paid just short of $150 for it plus shipping. You will see if you get it that there is no wear what so ever on it. And it says custom made for Cj and their trade mark of the wolf's paw print.

    Shipping is $45.00 (this includes postage with priority mail, and packing supplies and delivery confirmation).

    Insurance will be $5.00.

    Upon auction close please paypal [email protected] to make payment.

    If you have any questions please email or pm me.


    This will mail out monday 11/23 if payment has been made.

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