Beak Abscess


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Jan 14, 2018
I was deworming my chickens orally when I noticed these spots underneath one of my bantam roosters beaks. I assume they are/were abscesses that burst open. Any ideas on what they were if not abscesses, what caused them, and how to prevent them? Also since they have burst, is there anything else I should do to the wounds?

The bird has been separated into a pen by himself. Pens are cleaned regularly, and they are wooden on 3 sides, the fourth side is a wooden frame with small wire fronting, so there’s not any rough patches that I think he could of caught himself on. They are fed a grain concoction that I have mixed at a local feed mill, but do not have the specific ingredients and measurements on hand right now. He has been eating and drinking fine, I had to weigh them for deworming dosage and his weight is normal. He did have a hen in the pen with him for the past two weeks. There are no injuries or anything abnormal inside his mouth.
Thank you!

Pictures attached.

49552F23-A776-4A70-B27B-AB3EE9DFC898.jpeg A407F86A-CEDC-4DB5-9BB4-C9FB26C6063B.jpeg B87F3607-5BDB-4A4C-843A-C416EE2DB5F6.jpeg

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