Beak issue ? Trim it ?

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    Apr 18, 2009
    Cottage Grove , Oregon
    This is not urgent [​IMG]

    I just noticed my largest ee chick ( guessing around 4 1/2 wks ) has a slight lower beak issue.
    This is something new that has cropped up this week.
    It appears as though the lower beak tip has grown up a touch more than it should. It still sits behind the upper beak tip when it's beak is closed ( just like the other chickies ) but the lower middle section no longer meets the upper middle section so there is a gap.
    Make sense ?
    Beak closed, lower beak inside upper, front quarter "appears" closed normally , center section slightly apart when closed. You could slip the thickness of 2 sheets of paper in the current gap section.
    Do I need to file down the top front edges of the lower beak to allow correct closure ?
    Or just watch and wait ?
    I've worked with lots of turtles with simular issues and a beak grinding ( dremel ) was the treatment of choice.
    Same for chickens ?
    It's eating, active and most definately the largest of the four.
    I will try to get photos to share [​IMG]

  2. Do you have something coarse in the coop and run that these birds can use to keep heir beaks worn down- concrete block, granite rock, patio block, bricks, sandstone...?
    I'd try that first. Let the birds keep themselves trimmed when possible.
  3. Chickiechick

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    Apr 18, 2009
    Cottage Grove , Oregon
    Thanks [​IMG]
    They are still in the brooder but there are coarse chunks of cinder blocks in there.

    Photos are proving difficult to get [​IMG]
    Apparently me with a camera looks like food so I'm being rushed by excited chickies thinking it's treat time.
    If I hold her she screams none stop and won't close her beak [​IMG]
  4. festivefeet

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    Apr 2, 2009
    Are you supposed to have some sort of cinder block in their coop/run?

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