Beak Trimming?

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    My polish girl still sick. I am hand feeding every few hours meal worms, melon and electrolytes in her water. Only thing she seems to like. She is thin and I dont see her eating feed. Observing her these days I have noticed she has a hard time grabbing onto food. Her beak has an overgrown tip? I dont know since I have never had a Polish before. Pix online I couldnt get a close up of beak. I am wondering if maybe that is why she loves melon , she can stab it and eat it.

    I thought about filing down the tip of her beak...but want opinions first as I have no clue and I do not want to make things worse for my sweetie. Thanks.
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    Jan 14, 2008
    If her beak is badly overgrown it could interfere with her eating. Take a pair of nail clippers and trim the beak. If she eats better afterwards you'll know that was the problem.
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    Mar 4, 2008
    I agree, a badly overgrown beak will cause problems eating. Trim the beak, just the over growth, and you will be fine with that part. You can also provide its food in a deep dish, as this will help it eat better as well. You will have to keep an eye on this bird, as the beak will grow back eventually too.

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