Beardless D'uccle?

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    I ordered some Porcelain D'uccles from Welp this year and one of them has no beard/muff. Should I cull her from the breeding pool or is it possible that she will still 'throw' bearded chicks?

    All of the other D'uccles from the bunch as fully bearded and covered in splashes/speckles. She is more of a smooth cream.

    Anyone have thoughts on this?


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    Jan 14, 2008
    A beardless d"Uccle is a Booted Bantam. Whole seperate breed. Exact same in every way except for the beards. Hatcheries often breed them together & call them all d'Uccles. In my experience when bred this way the beards are not as full as those from 2 bearded parents.
    Short answer, I wouldn't use her.
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    Thank you!!!

    Good info [​IMG]

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