Beardless EE ? Anyone ever come across one ?


10 Years
May 25, 2009
I have two EEs - One is a lovely little buff girl with a huge beard, the other - named Pickles (by my son) - has no beard at all. Just wondering if anyone has ever come across a beardless EE before ... I know she's an EE - at least she's supposed to be ! And she does have green legs/feet. They look more gray in the pics though. They are 15 weeks this week. I had two others that I absolutely loved - a white/gray one and another that was the same colors as Pickles - but lost one to heat stroke and the other to unknown causes at age 3. Both had beards though.


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I haven't had one yet myself, but I've heard of other people having beardless Easter Eggers.

They're both 100% girls by the way, just for extra reassurance.
EEs are are a description for "mutt chickens". It is not uncommon for them to be beardless, especially hatchery stock. They can be mixed stock, so you never know what you are going to get.

Ameracuanas also regularly hatch beardless---it is a trait breeders do not want.
Thanks - ! It just seems strange that she doesn't have a beard ... but I guess it can happen considering they are a cross .....
go figure .... It's my luck to have the odd-ball

Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed that they'll lay green eggs ... not brown.
My white one laid the prettiest light blue - and the other laid a nice olive green. I do miss them
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I have 5 hens that I call EEs. 3 came from a production red mama and a "ameraucana" rooster (they hatched from brown eggs) and the other 2 had "ameraucana" mamas and mystery daddies (they hatched from blue/green eggs). Although they all have different coloring, the first 3 have the cheeks, beard, green legs, pea comb, etc., they are classic EEs. The other 2 that actually came from blue eggs do not have green legs and 1 doesn't even have the chipmunk cheeks or beard. I guess the EE name applies to chickens that have at least some of the classic characteristics, but since it's a loose term there are no real standards for what makes a chicken an EE. My older set (the first 3) are just starting to lay- we've gotten 3 olive colored eggs hidden by a gray bloom. I am patiently waiting to see what the eggs of the other 2 will look like.
They are pretty ! I don't feel so bad for her now .... I just won't tell her I thought she was strange
I have a beardless EE as well and 2 with beards and muffs. One has a blonde beard and muffs and one has a brown beard and muffs and one has no beard or muffs. That is the fun thing about EE chicks they all look different. Unlike my Austrolorps that I call the triplets because they all look identical.
Oh good!! i feel so much better too, because i have 3 hens that look exactly like that and another that is more tan than her sisters - they were sold to me as "ameraucanas" but i knew they would be EE. then no beards on any of the 4. i thought maybe they were just feral chickens (we have thousands here) but im happy to see these pics and now i know that mine arent strange either!!!

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