Beautiful black austrolorp


5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
Excellent laying hen, in top health, but has gotten a little too alpha for this family of chickens. Free to a good home. 3-years old and in peak condition. Call 510.847.9614 ask for Kibby
hate to say this but all of my rescues or adoptions have been sick animals or something wrong with them not a way for me to go. most people don't get rid of good pets...
I got a pair of older hens from a woman who didn't like them and just wanted them gone. One is a RIR and the other a Australorp. They are both healthy and super nice chickens. No problem with the transaction other than the seller being unpleasant. At least the hens didn't share her unpleasant attitude. They are both laying an egg almost everyday and are enjoying their new farm life.

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