Becky the rescue chicken


6 Years
Aug 12, 2013
Since we rescued Becky her right leg has not functioned as it should so she has never used a nesting box. We have since made her one and it has been available to her but she lays her eggs on the shavings in the coop or when in the chicken tractor on the ground. I would like to train her to use the nesting box...any ideas?? Thanks
I have tried one on the floor, I don't think she knows what to do with it. Do you think I should try a fake egg in it? Thanks Chris I appreciate the reply... NeeCee
I've had a golf ball in my nesting box for weeks. My hen doesn't lay in there yet though. Her eggs are always under the roosting bar, so I'm assuming she lays as she is sitting on the bar. Thank goodness the bar isn't too far up! If she's a rescue hen, where did she lay before? The conditions she was kept in previously may have something to do with her preference?
She has always been in a coop, no nesting box so she has always laid her eggs on the floor in a corner of the coop. Guess she thinks that's her nesting box. I guess it's no big deal as long as she is happy. Took her to the vet today and her leg is not good. Good thing I have a wonderful husband that understands how attached I am to her. So antibiotics, bandaging, pain meds, and of course we did cultures of her leg. Will know what that shows next week. I must be INSANE!!!

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