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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by NickyPick, Feb 7, 2015.

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    Has anyone used dirt as the bedding for their new chicks instead of shavings/paper/wood pellets? Pros? Cons? I've got 20 peeps coming in next week from Ideal and I've always used shavings in the past, but, now that I'm doing deep litter in the coops and see the reduction of dust and smell, I'm wondering if that would be good for the brooder as well.
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    I think the dust is from the chick dander, and soil on the brooder floor won't make much of a difference. Where will you be brooding them? Please keep this post up-dated if you decide to go this way. I'm a fan of DL in a floorless coop. And I always see to it that my chicks get a square of sod very early in their brooding.
  3. I can't see why it would hurt, and if it's free why not? Like lazy gardener said it's beneficial to have sod/soil in the brooder anyways :)
    Bonus, they may find some little critters in there to keep them entertained!

    ETA make use it's not something like potting soil, or anything with additives. Just dirt dug from your land. Good luck with your new babies! :jumpy
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    Just wanted to update. I chickened out on the first batch of chicks and did dirt with shavings on top. There was a huge reduction in smell as the chick poop seemed to decompose so much faster. I just got a new group of chicks and they're on dirt only and I think I'll be doing this for my brooder floors from now on. When the chicks graduate out to the coop, I can put the soil out in the garden.

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    Thanks! Mary

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