Bedding material question for nest boxes

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    My girl Lemon lays her eggs while standing, I do not know if all hens do this or if this is just Lemon's way. I have bedding in the boxes, Timothy grass (straw like grasses) and shavings, I check and clean the coop daily.

    The girls get in the nest boxes and scratch around and end up pushing all of the nesting material out of the way. When Lemon lays her egg it drops and cracks. Are there any suggestions on what I can put down beneath the bedding to cushion the eggs?

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    If she lays in the nestbox. you could try some of the rubber fake-grass that is used for entry mats, the kind with the pointy fake grass that scrubs your shoes. Anything that they couldn't pull out of there that would give some cushion. Or, raise the sides of the box so they can't empty it as easily? Potting soil or peat moss?
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    I have observed my chickens standing up to bare down to lay the eggs. I have offered my chickens pine shavings and alfalfa hay in the nest boxes. My chickens preferred alfalfa nice and thick with a deep nest compared to the deep pine shavings every time.

  4. Sorry MiaHudy did you actually observe that egg drops and crack, I am not the expert, but according to my knowledge the egg shell is soft and takes seconds to harden after it is laid. So maybe the hen kicks the egg when she moves out. It is my common sense that says that it will probably splash, or be defprm or something els, but not crack. But plz, I will appreciate it if you can observe closer, would like to know if it is possible
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    I used the carpeted car mats from a backseat floor. They were just the right size. I cover them with Timothy grass

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