Bee Pollen--Anyone use it? Results?

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    After reading about the benefits of taking bee pollen, I purchased some locally last year. (you get the best results if it's gathered from local flowers--the ones you are allergic to!) I have fairly bad allergies, and read that a slow desensitization can really improve them. I started out taking way too much, and had a reaction (fairly mild, thankfully),so began by taking literally, 2 grains a day,and building up to 1/2 a tsp. I've read about some people having reactions so severe they had to be rushed to the emergency room. I've done fine with my slow and gradual increase, and will continue to increase until I reach either a teaspoon or tablespoon--can't remember the optimal amount. It's loaded with good nutrients and is a nice supplement (unless you are deathly allergic to pollen, in which case you probably shouldn't take it)

    Anyway, I actually stopped taking it last October (for random reasons), and began again just a short while ago. Even though I stopped, I do feel like my allergies have improved, and hope that they will prepare me for the spring and summer ahead.
    I was wondering if anyone else takes it and if they've noticed an improvement in their health. Thanks.

    Here is a link for some of the supposed benefits, if anyone is interested
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