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    Hi has anyone used apigaurd on their bee hives this year ?
    we medicated one of our 16 hives and the bees are hanging around the outrside of the hive and will only go inside at night and this seems strange to me.
    we have used other medication before ( cumaflos ) and this did not happen.
    just wondering if anyone else has used apigaurd ? and what happened when they did.
    in the process of contacting my local apiary inspector at the moment to see what he says .
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    Aug 29, 2007
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    Miss Prissy has two very cool new hives...which have made me seriously consider researching this winter for my own in the spring next year..not sure yet but extremely tempted!! Might ask her your bee question though...
  3. bluebirdfarm

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    we talked with the state bee inspector and he said that was not unusual for the honeybees to clump up on the outside of the bee super like that, they don't like the apigaurd , we had a long talk with him about it ! He is going to the state fair And he always does a bee beard .this year the irish apiculture society is coming there to interview and photograph him , his bee beard is 22" long and i guess some kind of record >
    here is a piccy of a bee beard ( not george clutter though!)


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