Been a while since I've done a hatch..

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    Aug 23, 2010
    Hey all!
    I was just wanting to asking what the basics for hatching were again. I will be buying a Little Giant still air incubator soon, and I haven't hatched for almost over a year now and am eager to start again. I haven't hatched in a long time because we currently just moved from Alaska, all the way to Maine. I will be only hatching chicks for a little bit, gonna be hatching some eggs from our Old English bantam flock just to expand our flock a little bit, then i'm looking forward to working on Orpingtons.

    Anyways, enough talking and on with the questions [​IMG]

    Temperature the incubator needs to be at for the hatch, any info concerning temp
    Humidity as well.
    Help about hatching

    Any help having to do with incubating will be greatly appreciated.
    I will keep you guys posted on how it goes once the first batch is in [​IMG]

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