Been on here a while but still new... Temple, Texas


Dec 29, 2015
Temple, tx
I have been on here a while however I don't recall introducing myself. Last year I started with a black austrolope. I didn't realize she would not do well by herself. We lost her that night. Next day we got another along with some sisters a brown Leghorn and white Leghorn. This past Christmas we were snowed in visiting husbands family in Level land. Our neighbors gave us sad news that something got to our leghorns. My Tippy (black austrolope) was fine but lonely. This spring son picked out a new white Leghorn. And husband picked a new brown Leghorn. I wanted a new chick too so I got to Special Order a straight run Buff lace Polish (hoping for a hen). Well yesterday we heard the Polish trying to crow. So I am going to have to say goodbye. I am a little sad. "He chirped under my long arm quilt machine when I would sit to quilt. And his personality is so charming, curious and as my son would say "he's a scardy-chicken". So any ideas on how to give him a new home would be great.

Hi and welcome to BYC - sorry that you have to get rid of him but i do hope that you manage to find him a good home.

Best wishes

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