Been thinking of getting a Sebastopol, just need to know things.


9 Years
Dec 4, 2010
St.Albert, Alberta
I need to know some things, I have been wanting some for a while and now my MOM wants some. Were thinking about getting 6. I just need to know EVERYTHING about them. I know the basics but there's not much on the Internet. So like I said I need to know EVERYTHING! (I do have ducks and I have had geese before)
The low down on this is this.. they are not as calm as the buff and Emden, they are about as hard to breed as the dewlap and if you breed curly to curly you get wing problems. They are not easy, in short.. they take knowledge of not only geese but the breed. They are expensive and time consuming.. thats why are they expensive, they don't breed well and they are time consuming.
You have to really like them to own them.
This has been my personal experience...
I had low fertility last breeding season like a lot of people did but prior to that no issues.
As for temperament most mine have been great.
Sebastopols are known for being less noisy and aggressive than say African or Chinese.
I raised 2 Embdens for the freezer this year and they were aggressive rascals.
You don't necessarilly always have wing problems when breeding cury x curly.
Some of that is induced from improper diet and lack of greens and exercise.
I've never had angel wing in any of my Sebastopols.
They do tend to get twisted wing tip probably due to their curly feather mutation
but this is a minor wing tip disorder which is often not even noticable.
As far as expensive, they pay for themselves with gosling sales.

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