Been using fermented feed and they loved it until last 2 days


Mar 11, 2015
Port Richey Florida
for the last 2 days my chickens dont seem to want to eat.....they are refusing the fermented feed and the dry crumble I tried today. They even refused the cracked corn scratch and today I got only 4 eggs from the 8 layers. Any suggestions ? tossed the last of the can of fermented feed and started a new bin today. It has been storming a few hours each day and I do think I have a broody on my hands as she doesn't want to leave the nest. The adoptive mamma with the 5 wild turkey chicks is still laying. ant suggestions?
I just started feeding fermented feed last week. I have noticed my hens aren't eating as much they use too. From what I have read, the FF is so much healthier for them it fills them up. I put some ojt for them and they pick at it all day, once they get their first fill.
yes this is my first summer with hens and was told on the FB forum it is normal for my "krewe" to eat less and lay less when it gets this hot.....they went from about a quart and a half FF a day to less than a quart...they arent even interested in scraps or treats right now...but they tell me when the heat goes below 90 they will start eating and laying again (unless they go into molt) 5 eggs today and one of the twins has gone broody

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