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    Mar 10, 2011
    Before anyone mentions it , yes i know there is a garden forum but I prefer this one and most of you also have gardens. so here is the problem....My bean plants (lima, and green bean) are being eating by what i think is the mexican beetle at least that is what it hubby wants to run out and put chemicals on everything, I prefer to use as little chemical as possible,,,,so does anyone know how to save these plants without the use of chemical???
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    I've heard that putting a mixture of water and soap, such as dish soap in a spray bottle and using it to mist over the plants, helps to keep away pests and such. [​IMG] Good luck.
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    You can take a spoon and a big cup of soapy water and knock them off into the water to drown. Neem works nicely and is natural but it needs to be under 85 degrees F or so, because since it has oil in it, it can fry the leaves when the sun is on them and you use Neem oil.

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