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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Nektro, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Nektro

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    Apr 23, 2009
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    I have 6- 6 Week old Chicks doing well, Just got the chicken run completed last night. Put the chicks in it for an hour to play around they seemed to enjoy it. The questions are:

    1. Do they come in and out of the coop/run all day or do they stay out most of the day?

    2. Do I put water/food inside & outside or one or the other?

    3. I have the oppertunity to get a couple of pullets that are starting to lay. Will I have a problem with them and my chicks & do I have to get two different feeders one for chick feed and one for layer feed?

    Thanks for all your insightful help
  2. JennsPeeps

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    Jun 14, 2008
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    1. They'll only go into the coop to lay eggs once it's time. My banty cochin goes in to get out of the rain & mud, but she's a fussy princess.

    2. I leave my food & water outside of the coop in a protected area (away from the weather).

    3. Adult birds will injure/kill chicks if given the chance. They need to be nearly the same size. And yes, they need to eat different foods.

    Watch out for "biosecurity". The adult birds could have diseases that may infect the chicks. If you do get the adults, keep them separate - no shared food, water, different shoes for each area, etc. - for at least a month.

    Welcome to BYC!! Iv'e got 5 city chickens... soon to be 8... and love the stupid little buggers.

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