Beginners luck??


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5 Years
May 23, 2014
I thought i would share my recent chicken raising story on this forum because I still cant believe it. So back in April I bought three 8-week old Olive Eggers from a local feed store. These were the first chickens I have ever bought/raised. So myself and the lady working there took a shot at picking 3 pullets from the group of 15 straight run chickens. After about 3 months I realized after hearing a crow coming from my backyard (and getting some advice from the nice people on this forum) that 2 of the 3 chickens were roos. So I took them back to the feed store as they had said I could return them if they ended up being roos, and I picked up some 1 year old hens that were already laying. So here I was getting eggs from the 2 new hens but still nothing from that original Olive Egger but waiting patiently for that first egg to arrive from my Olive Egger. Then it happened, no not an egg, a very loud and very clear crow from non other than my 3rd olive egger this morning. What are the odds that I would pick 3 for 3 roos? Oh well, just cant believe that I picked 3 chickens at 8 weeks that managed to ALL be roos. I cant help but laugh about it. My wife had a pretty good laugh too, all that waiting for her to lay an egg - just to find out "she" is a "he".

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