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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Patti G, Mar 2, 2015.

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    Mar 20, 2012
    I found one of my red Orpingtons in the snow under the coop last week, upon examinating her in the house, she had a large open wound all the way down her back. I kept her inside for 6 days while doctoring her, I returned her to her 'flockmates' after the wound had closed and feathers we're starting to grow. This DID NOT go well at all, they immediately started pecking & flogging her, I removed her again and now have her separated from the rest in a separate coop. What did I do wrong? I bought her and the rooster together and raised them with 4 other Buffs the same age, and all of a sudden this? I have ordered aprons for all the hens, just haven't arrived yet.

    Any info is GREATLY appreciated
    Patti G
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    Any time a bird is removed from the flock reintroduction causes threats to the social structure and fighting. The wound that you describe sounds as if it may be rooster damage from breeding. (Damage from toenails and/or spurs.) You might try introducing the other hens into her pen one at a time over a period of days so that they can work things out. With a large Orpington rooster and only 5 hens, aprons are a good idea.
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    This ^. Chickens have very short memories. Six days was plenty long enough for them to forget her. It didn't seem you had much choice, though, given she had an open wound. I have used Blue Kote on chickens with open wounds and left them in the flock. So far, this has worked for me, but I didn't have the rooster issue you do.
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    Do you know how the wound happened? Sounds like more than rooster damage, unless it was a rooster wound that got pecked open farther.

    Can you split your coop with a wire wall?
    Keeping the one hen separate but visually present, then after a week or so maybe add another hen at a time?

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