Belgian D'ANVER Cockerel, Mille Fleur Color/ pickup Fannin Co. GA


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Rusty is 21 weeks old, a color of Belgian D'Anver you cannot get from any hatchery, Mille Fleur. He comes from our member Boggy Bottom Bantams, an excellent breeder of quality D'Anvers in south Georgia. I have too many males and have decided to let one go. Rusty has the typical "little big man" attitude of most D'Anver males and a fabulous rich mahogany color that's a treat for the eyes. His pattern is still evolving and he's turning out to be quite the handsome guy. He's a good breeder, very alert, good crow.

In the first pic below, he was sent out with the older hens to watch over them while free ranging. When I called him back, he came running, so he knows his name, which surprised me a bit! He has only been out of the pen a few times with them.

Pickup/Cash only in Fannin County, GA, near the NC line, no shipping.




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