Belgian D'Anver Cockerel, Mille Fleur Variety/ Pickup in N. Ga. Mtns


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Rusty is just over 39 weeks old, a Mille Fleur Belgian D'Anver, a color variety not available from any hatchery. He comes from an excellent breeder of rare color D'Anvers in south GA, Boggy Bottom Bantams. We're letting Rusty go because we just have too many males. This guy has the fiesty "Little Big Man Syndrome" you expect in most males of this breed.

Rusty is a super gorgeous deep mahogany color, a good breeder, very alert and ready to defend the girls. As you can see in the last picture, his color pattern is developing beautifully.

Cash only, no shipping. Pickup at my home in Fannin County, GA, near the NC line.

Hey, FREE BYC bumper sticker included with Rusty! LOL! Just remind me when you come to get him


Poor misunderstood mini chicken nugget....he just needs lovin Cynthia *smirk* The pics do not do his color full justice, Rusty is a gorgeous boy with a deep mahogny color...beautiful, I have seen him in person and he is a gorgeous color.
Bahahahaha! The "mini chicken nugget" got some attention yesterday. DH took him into the house and sat with him on the couch. I didn't see it, but I did see him coming out of the house with Rusty under his arm, saying, "See? I didn't let the big dog eat you!".
Seriously, Rusty is a very good looking boy. I love that deep color.
No doubt, but Rusty only thinks he's intimidating. If no one takes this little cutie, he'll just be part of the first batch of chicks we hatch here in the spring. Would love to reproduce his gorgeous color.

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