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11 Years
Dec 16, 2008
Hudson, WI
OK, I know that these are rarer than hens teeth on this side of the Atlantic.... Anyone in Canada with them??

Also, is it prohibited to get eggs (or chicks) from overseas, or just not good, given the extra shipping, etc?

I originally had a quad, and am now down to a pair.... I am probably looking at AI, if I don't start getting fertile eggs; and I'd really like to get a few more.... They are far and away my son's favorite bird, and we just lost his beloved "little Bit" last night. (That's the girl sitting on his hand in my Avatar. As soon as she'd see him, up into his hand she'd go.)


You would need the required paperwork to import chicks or birds to be imported here in the US and the quarantine period as well at a government facilities to make sure the bird flu is not in your birds or chicks. For eggs, I think it would be easy along with the vet paperworks but someone here will speak up.
As far as eggs go, I have been in touch recently with a lady from the UK and she says she gets eggs from the US on a regualar basis, and has been in touch with a man from one branch or another about sending eggs into and out of the US. She gave me his contact info, you may want to try it.
Good luck and let us know what you find out!
Here's his contact address.
[email protected]


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