Bell Toy Danger! (And How To Prevent it)

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    Jun 26, 2012
    I was sitting on the couch this evening, and my parrot, Apollo, started ringing his bell toy madly.

    I ignored it for a minute, thinking he was having fun, when he started shrieking, and my mom mentioned he was kicking it. This sounded suspicious, and I looked closely at him, he was indeed kicking the toy, but I noticed one of his toes was stuck in the top of the bell.

    I called for my dad, but by the time he got his gloves on, and a pair of pliers (he was going to attempt to open the bell up, not take his toe off, in case you were wondering :p) Apollo had successfully pulled his toe out. I was worried about it happening again, so I bird proofed his toys.

    How to protect your small footed birds:

    1. Clean toy with a wet cloth
    2. Dry the toy so it doesn't rust
    3. Take masking tape, and wrap it around the opening on top of the bell.



    This is hopefully a one time thing, but just in case Apollo tries to kick his toy again, he won't get hurt.

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