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    Newbie here. Chicken coop almost done and chicks will be going outside soon. I have been hearing about a product called DE. Is it a benefit to use this in your coop and where and how much do you use. Thank you !
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    I mix it into their coop bedding, their nest box bedding, and in areas where they dust bathe. It helps prevent mites, as it cuts into the tiny, comparitively soft bodies of the parasites. It does need to be food grade, NOT the kind that is used around swimming pools. Many feed stores sell it. Some people swear by it for preventative health (yes, humans can eat it too), so some people mix a little in with food, saying it can help with internal parasites as well, but I haven't tried that. I mix about a cup of it in their dust bathing area, and sprinkle it in their bedding like dusting with talcum powder (not sure how much...a good dusting).

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    Diatomaceous Earth, Many people also use it in their garden to kill slugs and other pests. It scratches open their bodies and cause them to dehydrate. I also know of people that put it in their grain storage buckets to kill any bugs that might hatch. It is safe for your chickens and pets as long as you use the food grade. It also can be used to kill fleas or pests on your pets.
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    Butting in here.... Does anyone have a good, informative site ( or sites) I can go to for DE info? I'm trying to get a flier made up for our Chickenstock,but was sidelined by surgery, and haven't quite gotten it done yet..... Any info appreciated [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] thank you for the is just what I needed. thanks !!
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    There are a couple of *monster* big threads on it here, try "search"

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